About MRI-401

Executing an Evaluation of Communications

In this course, MRI® Analyst Candidates demonstrate their expertise in the evaluation of multiple forms of Integrated Marketing Communications, applying their training on the discipline, system, and reporting.

MRI-401 Course Curriculum

Inside This Course

  1. 1
    • Overview

    • Evaluation

  2. 2
    • Client Brief

    • Analysts Conference

    • Support

  3. 3
    • Branding

    • Sales

    • Multimedia

    • Marketing

    • Events

    • Public Relations

    • Social Media

    • Design

    • Advertising

    • Digital

  4. 4
    • Support

    • Management

    • Client

  5. 5
    • Analysis

    • Scoring

    • Requirements

Learning Outcomes

Participants completing this course will gain the designation of Market Ready Index® Certified Analyst

  • Access to a disruptive marketing technology platform focused on optimizing performance across all channels of communications.

  • Demonstration ability to facilitate the most comprehensive analysis of an Integrated Marketing Communications program.

  • Lead Clients to how to define channels, differentiate subchannels, and explore how each is performing.


Founder & CEO

Kevin Popović

Kevin Popović is the innovator of the Market Ready Index® concept and the chief inventor of the methodology. With more than 25 years of agency leadership, and fractional CMO responsibilities, KP is recognized as a veteran MarCom professional.

His peer-reviewed journal articles forecasted the application of social media while his books, demonstrate his understanding of integrated marketing communications and his leadership role within his professional community.