About MRI-201

Understanding the Evaluation of Communications

This Market Ready Index® instructional course provides the information you need to understand the assessment process and how scores are generated through a disciplined evaluation. This course is designed in an organized manner to facilitate the education and understanding that comes from a thorough analysis of the context and content provided.

MRI-201 Course Curriculum

Inside This Course

  1. 1
    • Syllabus

    • Overview

  2. 2
    • Context

    • Profile

    • Personas

    • Products

    • Services

    • Sales

    • Objectives

    • Investments

    • Market Perception

    • Reference / Docs

  3. 3
    • FORMS

    • About Forms

    • Branding

    • Sales

    • Multimedia

    • Marketing

    • Events

    • Public Relations

    • Social Media

    • Design

    • Advertising

    • Digital

  4. 4

    • About Elements

    • Impact

    • Visual

    • Statement

    • Content

    • Message

    • Action

    • Perception

    • Brand

    • Technical

    • Regulatory

    • Experience

    • Schema

  5. 5
    • Summary

    • User Survey

Learning Outcomes

Participants completing this course will gain a comprehensive understanding of MRI® evaluations, including:

  • Presented in an organized manner to facilitate the education and understanding

  • a proven discipline for evaluating IMC, applying best practices, learnings from research, insights from education, and volumes of data.

  • How to establish an objective understanding and evaluation of integrated marketing communications


Founder & CEO

Kevin Popović

Kevin Popović is the innovator of the Market Ready Index® concept and the chief inventor of the methodology. With more than 25 years of agency leadership, and fractional CMO responsibilities, KP is recognized as a veteran MarCom professional.

His peer-reviewed journal articles forecasted the application of social media while his books, demonstrate his understanding of integrated marketing communications and his leadership role within his professional community.